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Gandhi & Sofadiya Family welcome You

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Wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions for two people as well as their families because it is the union that is the most awaited out of every other celebration.


It is love that brings two people together as well as creates a strong bond between two families forever.


On such an important occasion, the blessings of the

Almighty as well as of the guests are

very much required for

the new couple

to live a happy and healthy life ahead together.

You have always brought a lot of joy to our lives.

Today your presence at the engagement did the same thing.

Thank you so much for coming and making us so happy.


please visit here again & again to watch photos and videos of celebrations

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We believe that every event deserves to be captured

and preserved as a unique and memorable story.

Our purpose is to find the uniqueness,

the joy and the emotions in each and every event.

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