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Ranveer & Dipika

Image by David Goldman

Apurva's Wedding Card

- Save the date, we're gettin' hitched -

30th February, 2022



Soni Wadi Banquets,

Shimpoli X Lane, Borivali (W).

watch this event live here:






Due to Covid epidemic,

“Is saal hai shaadi, agle saal karenge party. Tab tak ke liye stay hale and hearty,”


The Big Day

"Being married is like having somebody permanently in your corner. It feels limitless, not limited."


Ceremony & Reception 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 

9.30 am to 11.59 pm


The Soni Wadi Banquets,

Borivali West,


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- Let's get this party started -

The Wedding Party

Avatar 103

Bride Mother

Mother Photo
Avatar 103


Groom's Mother


My Loving & Adorable Family

Illustrated Family

Family Members

Family Photo


My Loving & Adorable Family

Family Photo

Groom's Family
Illustrated Family
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Bride  Father

Father Photo
Avatar 98


Groom's Father

Bride's Wedding Card

Groom's Wedding Card

Our Story

Our Story

Flower on Pink

- Loving the journey -

Ranveer & Dipika first met in college in 2009. Dipika first caught Ranveer's eye in the Student Union during freshman orientation. He was too nervous to approach her at first, but later that day, mustered up some courage and said: "Hi-dee!"—mixing up "hi" and "howdy". Fortunately, Dipika thought this was adorable and the rest is history.  

Ranveer proposed to Dipika a few months after college graduation by renting out a movie theater. Dipika thought she was seeing a screening of her favorite film, Jab We Met, but Ranveer had created a slideshow of photos from throughout their relationship which was playing on the movie screen. Needless to say, Dipika said yes (and they did end up watching Jab We Met !). 

We can't wait to celebrate with you at our wedding ceremony and reception in December! 

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

White Flower Vases
White Objects
Chocolate Mix
Pink Peony
Red Rose
Blue Flowers
Playing Trumpet
Young Drummer
Young Musician
Girl with Guitar
Playing Drums
Fun with Guitar

- Take a stroll down memory lane -

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