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Say No to long list of Robotic links, Inter-active PDFs or Non-interactive Videos. Also deliver photo & video online.


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Inter-active E-Invite Creator

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What is a Web-page ?

A Web-page is a document which can be displayed in a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, or Apple's Safari.

To create a web-page You need a web-site with a Domain name & Web-Hosting designed by a Web-Designer.

Minimum Expense:  More than Rs. 3500

The Requirement: A Web-page for 15 days to be created and active within 24 hours.

We offer an interactive Web-page with a combination of Text, Photos, Video links designed very elegantly. It is valid for 10 days and can be active within 2 hours, in English or any regional language.

Usage: E-invites can be sent for any occasion like Engagement, weddings, Opening Ceremony, birthdays, baby showers or any other event. It makes work quicker than the traditional method of sending an invitation.

It can also work as a Web-site when your work is dynamic in nature & the information updated at a regular interval should reach your customer immediately. You can call it a Compact website.

THE ONLY Webpage Your Customer will EVER NEED


Right from E-invite to Wedding Events Schedules, their live stream links, their location links, Intro about them, pre-wedding photos and finally event photos & videos. Everything at one place



Build your webpage as you get or create the content.


We will be building your webpage with the content as & when available. Creation process is transparent to the client. Their preview & changes are catered with online meetings.



Your webpage will have all the latest features displayed in the most sophisticated manner. webpage creation will be a joint effort.

Web page can be Multi-Lingual.



Right from E-invite to RSVP. the Webpage will be equipped with all communication need of your customer. Useful before event for communication & treasure of memories after the event as you can upload photos & videos of the event to share.




Due to flexibility brought into design at every level, our webpages looks great on any device. Each webpage is tailor-made for PC & Mobile.

Everfresh Events

Everything on Cloud

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